March 20, 2018

Pay Per Click Mistakes To Avoid As A Newbie

One of the most effective methods of drawing new customers to your website is through pay per click (PPC) advertising. By utilizing Bing Ads, Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, you can display targeted advertisements within the sponsored results section of the search engine and a fee is paid each time the ad is clicked. While effective, PPC can also be risky if the strategies are not executed correctly. You can end up spending a large amount of money without acquiring the customer you want.

Top Mistakes

If you are new to Internet marketing and PPC advertising, it is possible to be profitable through experimentation and practice. By avoiding the following costly mistakes, you can save a great deal of time, money and effort:

  • Directing visitors to your home page
  • Ignoring negative keywords
  • Not split-testing your ad text
  • Only relying on “broad match” keywords
Directing Visitors to your Home Page

It is a huge mistake to set up an ad about a specific product or service and use a URL that directs potential consumers to the site’s home page. At this point, the user must navigate through the entire site to find the exact camera model. Most consumers will not take the time to do this so it is best to link directly to the product on the page.

Ignoring Negative Keywords

Many individuals do not take advantage of negative keywords which stops advertisements from display when specific keywords are searched for. Adding negative keywords to your campaigns is an excellent method of controlling relevancy without eliminating untargeted traffic as a result of a broad match. You must devote time to finding as many of these negative keywords as possible.

Not Split-Testing your Ad Text

To generate the most effective and targeted Internet marketing results do not run PPC ads without initially testing them. Instead, split-test your ads by creating several versions for each ad group to see what works. This will allow you to determine the exact wording that results in the most click-throughs and, therefore, conversions. Almost all PPC engines allow you to split-test but ensure the ads are displayed at random so they provide accurate information.

Only Relying on “Broad Match” Keywords

Utilizing broad match keywords displays keyword ads when part of or full keyword phrases are searched for thus providing the highest amount of traffic. However, these keywords are not typically targeted so they will generate a large amount of empty click thus costing you money. Unless you have a huge budget, it may be best to set your ads to phrase or exact matches which are most relevant to your company.