May 23, 2018

Best Methods Of Improving Your Adwords Quality Score

Google-Quality-ScoreAccording to Google, the Quality Score is the metric used to rate the quality and relevance of an ad to determine your minimum CPC bid for the search network. The score is calculated using each of your keyword’s Google click through rate (CTR) as well as the relevance of your ad text, landing page and keyword. Not only does the score affect your CPC but it also plays a major role in determining your position in the search results.

Types of Quality Score

Google further identifies two types of Quality Scores: Search Network Quality Score and Content Network Quality Score. When placing your ad in search results, the Search Network Quality Score is applicable. When the ad appears on the Content Network, the Content Network Quality Score is utilized. This is important as different Internet marketing methods of improvement apply to the type of advertising that is conducted.

Quality Score Improvement

There are a few basic but effective methods of improving your Adwords Quality Score including:

  • Account performance in the selected geographical location
  • Historical CTR of the display URL’s
  • Quality of your landing page
  • Relevance of your keywords
Account Performance in the Selected Geographical Location

This is a fairly new factor to the Quality Score calculation. When targeting consumers in specific geographic locations, it is critical to determine which areas are performing well and those that are performing poorly. This will indicate whether you should create an entire campaign or remove it altogether.

Historical CTR of the Display URL’s

ctrAnother new aspect of the Quality Score calculation is the historical CTR of the display URL within your ad group. When the campaign first begins, make sure to rigorously split test all ads and the display URL to ensure you find the one with the highest CTR. To improve the display URL, you can add keywords to the subdomain.

Quality of your Landing Page

With Google’s human “Ads Quality Raters,” it is more critical now than ever to ensure you pay close attention to your landing page. Simultaneously, Google has hired thousands of Search Quality Raters who rate pages for the specific classification within organic search results. Although these appear to be unrelated, there is a moderate amount of crossover between the functions. This tells you that Google finds landing pages to be critical.

Relevance of your Keywords

The relevance of your keywords within each ad group always helps. This includes using the base keyword in the ad text, title and display URL. Although it will not provide a significant jump in Quality Score, every little bit counts in Adwords.